Malaysia's 1st Birthday

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH... it all began with an idea... and if you haven't figured it out by now then I will share my little secret - I have a passion for planning  parties and making them a little more unique than what you might normally see. And now without further ado, the blog post that you have all been waiting for: a Circus Themed 1st Birthday Party for our little Princess Malaysia! Okay, okay it's only ONE month late but just like the party planning process it takes awhile to put this all together for you all to enjoy but as you know, it's always better later than never.  Since the real circus comes to town rarely, I decided to recreate the fun of a day under the big top for Malaysia and her friends... We will start here with the INVITATION! 

The simply beyond amazing BIRTHDAY CAKE & Dessert Bar! Monabella Cakes designed this fabulous birthday cake, cup cakes and cake pops all circus themed. 

YES, these are cupcakes designed to look just like little boxes of popcorn (top picture) and snow cones (bottom picture).

More pictures of the cake and dessert bar!

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What better way to make a circus birthday party more memorable than with a train ride for the kids and parents...  All aboard the Great Circus Train! The kids loved riding aboard the train, around and around the pasture they went, smiling and waving. This ride was perfect and was a BIG HIT compliments of A Child's Joy!  

The birthday Princess enjoying the Circus Train!

More pictures of the children riding the Circus Train!

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A circus isn't a circus without yummy CARNIVAL FOOD!  Catered by HB Catering/Honey Bear's BBQ there was truly something for everyone... hamburgers, hotdogs, corn dogs, PB & J sandwiches, pickles, fruit, pretzels, apple sauce...


More pictures of the children playing games and choosing their prizes.

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More pictures of the Birthday Girl and her Birthday Cake!

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No party is complete without party favors these days!  To finish Malaysia's Circus themed party, we put together these fun favor boxes filled with toys that kids love: bubbles, stickers, tattoos, a little bit of candy and a stuffed circus animal (penguins, elephants, tigers, monkeys or panda bears) to cuddle and love.


There were lots of friends and family members that came to celebrate this special occasion with us and I hope that we were able to capture at least one picture of each of them here in this post but if we missed anyone please don't feel sad.  We were just thrilled to have such a great turn out and such beautiful weather (even with the big dust storm & rain) on this very special day.  At the end of the day, my heart was full of love for our family & friends and pride for our birthday girl!

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ebonyblu said...

You can plan a party for me any day Anna.

Renae said...

Great party!!! I need to get you to come to Dallas and plan my party for my girls birthday-looks like you did an awesome job!!

Anna said...

@ ebonyblu Shelia, I would love to :)

Anna said...

@ Mrs. Williams, that would be a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about starting a business? You would be so awesome at being a proffesional party planner. I've thought about it myself but I've only done a few baby showers and birthday parties. Maybe if I ever win the lottery I can start a party planning business. I love decorating for events it's so much fun! It looks like everyone had a blast great job Anna:)

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