Stairs & Crutches & Emotions

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hey y'all, just reporting in on our patient progress... not a lot of pictures today but a lot of hard work and learning how to deal with pain management.  Really a rough, emotional day :(  I had to leave for a very short time this morning to go with Shamesha for her prenatal checkin, so that started the day off a little shaky.  Dad was suppose to be here before I left but wasn't, he was "on his way" and THAT WAS NOT GOOD! One of my main concerns was that the doctor was due to visit at any moment and we had several questions that needed to be asked which I had Sabriya write down, but even as grown up as she looks it's still not something that a 13 year old should have to deal with. Secondly, she's had mom at her side throughout this entire process and I think it was kind of a scary moment to "cut those apron strings."

So, as I was walking out of the hospital with her blessings of course, I called her and she was crying.  Oh my GOODNESS, so I hurriedly texted Santana who had work the night shift to see if she was still at the hospital.  Thank God, she was and that she was able to see the text.  I ask her to run up and sit with her baby sister until dad arrived, can you say with me here "LIFE SAVER." So these are some of the things in that moment that I started praising God for: Thank God, Santana was still at work; thank God she was able to see the text; thank God she could leave her job and go right up;  thank God for Big Sisters; thank God for Santana having a job at this hospital; thank God that Santana was working "that" shift... you get it right?

Enough said about that, moving on... She had to conquered the stairs today, so up and down and down and up she went until she felt comfortable enough with doing it.  She took the wheelchair around her floor to get some practice at driving it and then in and out of the bed multiple times throughout the day. All this activity sent her pain level to it's highest peak and made the day even more emotional.  As if that wasn't enough, she had a nurse shift changed in the middle of the day (1 nurse was taking the 2nd 1/2 of the day nurse's shift) and the take over nurse didn't give her the meds on schedule Oh Boy!  So, she was in extreme pain and we had to do what we were told not to allow to happen: We were told by so many people to keep the meds on schedule so that you always "stay ahead of the pain" instead of trying to "catch up to the pain." 

At 9pm last night we were still very emotional and still very much in pain. God sent us an Angel Night Nurse who worked with her through this until she was comfortable and able to sleep.  Please keep saying prayers for our little girl...

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