Sabriya's 1st Day of 8th Grade

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sabriya went back to school today... I have done this routine now x6 kids and it just doesn't get any easier. It almost seems HARDER! Why is it always such a bitter sweet moment? I am so filled with pride for the beautiful young lady that she is growing into but at the same time my heart breaks to see her growing up. Anyways enough about me, this should be all about her :)

The beginning of her 8th grade year will mark many "LASTS"  - her LAST year at GCCS, her LAST first day, her LAST picture day, her LAST Christmas party... I think she was really excited today to see all of her friends after the long absence of summer but also excited for the coming year and all that it will hold... new friends, new experiences and starting a new chapter of her life.

After school we made an excursion to the school supply section of Target and now tonight she is excitedly decorating her notebooks and organizing colored pens and pencils. It is a fun kind of enthusiasm that I love to see. Back-to- school season has kicked off!

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