Discharged & Heading Home

Friday, August 24, 2012

We can take her home,YIPPIE! The PCH staff which included the orthopedic surgeons, our comprehensive care team, case managers, therapists and nurses helped make our transition home as safe and as comfortable as possible. They helped us make all the necessary arrangements once we were discharged, including the follow-up care to ensure her full recovery. Additionally, her nurses and therapists provided us with some home care tips and instructions on what and how to do things once we arrived home.  Our stay was great with really awesome nurses and all the great amenities that came with the new PCH expansion. These are some pretty swanky digs for kids and their families, so we were lucky to experience that.


2012 Olympic Gold Medialist, Breeya Larson from Mesa came to see Briya before she left the hospital today.  We got to hold the Gold Medal, wow it was really heavy.  What an exciting ending to her hospital stay.

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