The Sweetest Moment

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reggie’s eyes were locked on the entryway… from the moment that Shamesha entered the courtyard, there was a sense that something magical awaited.  Her bridal entrance (the processional march) was one of the most meaningful and memorable moments of the day.  For the first time, the groom and all of the invited guests got to see her all made up in her beautiful wedding dress being escorted down the aisle by her dad.  Not only was this a very important moment but it was also very emotional for many of us who were present.  It was serene, an almost out-of-body experience.  Looking back now there is one decision that she made which I am very glad about…  to wear a veil but not the blusher (that short piece of fabric worn over the face and pulled back at the end of the aisle).  Had she worn the blusher we would have missed out on some great moments, not to mention some great photos… her smiling, crying, the emotions as she look around at all the family and friends who were there to share her very special moment.  We are so happy to have been a part of this once in a lifetime experience, to share this moment go here...

I love this picture of Mark & Shamesha, it is so filled with emotion and brings the moment back in vivid detail.  But there is something else in this picture that makes it just a little more special, both of Shamesha's grandmothers looking on... 

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