Father & Daughter Dance

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yes, The First dance by the newly married couple is an emotional part of any wedding reception, but nothing brings on the tears as much as the Father Daughter Dance. He laughed with her in her joy and smile fondly at his new son. He twirled her around fondly, without inhibition as if no one was looking on. It was simply he and she together and alone on that dance floor, just like when she was little playing in our living room and she was the princess and he was her father, the king. I love the range of emotions captured in these photos. They showcase the infinite love that is displayed between father and daughter. The tradition of the dance amongst them is one of my favorite moments of the wedding. I don’t know about you but it brings a tear to my eye each and every time. The symbol and transfer of stages of life brings inspiration to me. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on the relationships you were brought up with and the new ones you have made and will continue to grow upon. The joy, jubilation, contemplation, contentment and love are a reminder of those things which are truly important in our lives.  For the Father & Daughter Dance pictures go here...  and for 2 more bonus posts you know what to do, click & click: the Reception and the Cake cutting.

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