Thursday, May 3, 2012

Remember our Orthopedic Doctor visit just last week for Sabriya, that sent us to have an MRI of her hip? Well, the results came in, so we went back today to the doctor for him to give us the outcome. No fractures or specific soft tissue abnormalities, thank God! She has what is referred to as DDH, bilateral developmental hip dysplasia with the right hip being worse than the left. This is my understanding of the issue: the ball of the hip is not properly fitting in the socket which is what protects it and so its starting to wear, causing degeneration on the right hip = PAIN! Basically this is something found in much older adults, very rare for kids her age. We now have to see a pediatric orthopedic specialist ASAP, who the doctor felt would more than likely recommend some serious therapy. The doctor did say that he believes it can be strengthened with therapy and didn't believe they would recommend surgery at her age. For now his instructions are for her to REST, now that's the hard part because she had 3 basketball tournaments lined up, the first one was last weekend and she had to sit out and guess what she's doing again this weekend... not to mention her dance recital next month, OUCH!

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Anonymous said...

She needs to go see my favorite peds ortho group, they have a sports medicine division too ;). You know where to find them!
Love ya

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