Wednesday, March 21, 2012

As you all know I have 3 grandchildren with another on the way (lets see who catches that:) and each of them and everything they do bring me great pleasure. Trey is now in his 2nd little season of playing soccer, his team name is "Revolution" thus the name of this post... so PaPa and I went out on this past Saturday to watch him play.  I noticed right away how differently he played from his 1st little season, he is definitely more into the game and how to play it.  He even made contact with the ball several times.

Can't wait to watch many more games in the years to come and create many, many memorable moments...  Play hard, expect to win, GO TREY!

Boston sitting on the side lines with Mommy, MiMi & PaPa!  He's such a cutie and will even say CHEESE sometimes when I want to take a picture... he's our "Bossy" man!

These next few pictures may appear blurry to you but they were actually taken with a new wide angel lenses that I purchased and was trying out.  I like the effect but I'm not certain that they are suppose to look like this... I haven't read the instruction manuel yet, just opened it, attached it and started snapping.

Game over, tunnel time!!!

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