Malaysia's Blessing/Dedication

Friday, March 9, 2012

On this past Sunday, March 4, 2012 we celebrated Malaysia's life...

What you are about to witness here today is truly a celebration of love and of life! As Malaysia is here today, she is new and perfect, with no need of fixing nor cleansing. She is a gift. Her smile, her laughter, and her presence enrich the lives of all of us. Only half way through her first year here, seven months old, and already she has made the world a better place.

Today we simply give thanks and celebrate all the many wonderful blessings Malaysia brings and do our best to remember, and be thankful for, the very special role that we all have in her life.

Shamara & Ken, as you hold your daughter, reflect on the gratitude and joy in your heart, remembering to be thankful for all that has come to pass, and all that has made it possible for Malaysia to come to be, as well as all of the amazing things that her future shall hold.

Shamara & Ken, the journey of parenthood is one of amazing beauty, this is clear just to look at you both. The love that radiates from and around you and your daughter today shall change over the years. We gather here because it is our wish that Malaysia grow to be a woman who truly loves her life. You most of all will be her guide on this journey. It is important to provide not only food and clothing to a child but also time and love and respect. So it is only right that this ceremony should include your promise to nurture your daughter in all ways as she grows. Therefore as a promise to her and a reminder to yourselves as the years pass, I now ask you...
Do you promise to teach Malaysia not who or what, but how to love, to trust, to respect, and to dream so that she may truly participate in the remarkable journey that is life?
To be honest about your triumphs and as well as your missteps so that Malaysia will have the valuable opportunity to learn form your example, yet still be free to learn her own lessons in life?

That you will value her hopes and dreams and let her
know that she will always be welcomed, accepted and loved
for who she is and for who she is not?

To expose her to a variety of experiences, showing her the beginnings of many a wondrous
journey, instilling in her a sense of wonder and passion, and the knowledge that she alone has the power to complete herself?

Do you promise to hold her close in your hearts always,
yet still encourage her to stand on her own when the time comes
so that she may discover her own true self?

Shamara & Ken, as Malaysia's parents the duty to safeguard her future is yours and we are glad that you have chosen us, her family, to aid you in giving her love and council as she grows.

To the rest of the family: Grandparents, Uncles & Aunts...

Do you promise to be there to help Malaysia grow spiritually.

Our place in her life is almost like that of a guardian angel.  Our promise is one of a physical presence in her life, as someone who she knows will always be standing quietly behind her, encouraging her to make good choices, and sharing with her the lessons we ourselves have learned along the way.

Although we are not Malaysia's parents the place that we have all taken in her life is an important one.  Shamara & Ken trust our motivations and judgements and they take comfort in knowing that although there will be times when Malaysia cannot come to them, that she will always be able to come to one of us for guidance and support.

Malaysia we will be there for you as you grow into womanhood.
As best as we can we will help take care of you.
We will protect you at all times from harm.
We will encourage, guide and support you in all your endeavors.
We will help you recognize the beauty within yourself and all things, and to
some day become not the woman we wish for you to be but
the realization of your own hopes, dreams and the fulfillment of your soul. 
The presence and support of all of us, family and friends,
is needed for Malaysia to grow strong and balanced.

Our Lord God,
You have blessed this family with a new life,
May the gift of Malaysia’s presence bring joy and gladness
to the hearts of all who love her.
May she be blessed and protected
through all of the wonderful
and difficult things that the years will bring.
May she find goodness and inspiration, and be given
the wisdom to discern the true from the transient,
May her life be rich and full,
in wealth that is measured by both the physical
and spiritual context of her existence
May Malaysia be prosperous in all ways.
May she love well and be well loved.
Through each passage and season,
May she always be surrounded
by the warmth of family and friends.
And may her days be forever filled with love and happiness.

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