Disneyland 2012 DAY #1

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cartoon characters, small children, tourists, roller coasters... put them all together and you're bound to have some out-of-the-ordinary experiences... 

Well, although I have been making an annual trip to Disneyland for many years now, this is only our 2nd (hopefully annual) family trip with all the kids and grandkids.  Of course we had a BLAST!  The weather overall was pretty nice but once the sun went down it was alot colder.  This first picture is only part of our annual crew, the rest of the group will arrive on Day 2 of our trip.

I won't do alot of talking or writing because I think the pictures will speak for themselves and so I'll just let you all get right into that after I share this:

Did you know that FastPasses will save you tons of time?
We did a few FastPasses, you know it's that ticket that holds your place in line for a ride and lets you leave and do whatever you want and then get back in a special shorter line later. Sort of like if your buddy agreed to stand in line for you and call your cell phone when he got close to the entrance. You get it, right?  If you've ever wondered how it could possibly work, all you need to know is -- It just does!

Did you know that you can use your 1-Day 1-Park Ticket as a Parkhopper if the park you chose closes and the other one is still open. For example, if you bought a one-day ticket to Disneyland only, and Disneyland closes at 6pm but California Adventure is open until 9pm, you can go to California Adventure from 6-9pm.  

All ready for her 1st visit to Disneyland, even dressed in her Piglet onesie!

We (the girls) were all wearing the same shoes,
Nike Free Run +2 all BLACK!

Tower of Terror!

Break Time!


Malaysia hanging out with PaPa & MiMi while the BIG Kids
wait in line to ride Splash Mountian.

Malaysia LOVED meeting Winnie the Pooh so much that MiMi
found the nearest store selling him and bought one for her to take home.

Will showing off his TURKEY LEG! Haha!
I LOVE this moment...

Toy Story Midway MANIA!
This is one of my FAVORITE rides in Disneyland, and I have decided that I would love to design our basement to include this... how much fun would that be? This ride takes you whirling through the attraction, stopping to play classic midway games using spring action shooters to aim at 3-D animated targets and score points.  

Malaysia rode with MiMi & PaPa and MiMi still won using only one hand. YEAH!  Now that's SKILLS!


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