Banquet Time

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let me first off say how much I have missed you all and how sad it has been to not blog to my hearts desire for the past few months. We came through the busy and hectic Christmas season with no time to spare... started pulling the final strings together for our February wedding, did an 8 day stint at WestWorld in Scottsdale for the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction, followed by the wedding and then we jumped right into an 11 day event for the Arabian Horse Show also held out at WestWorld. Whew, let me just say it was an exhausting 4 months but worth every minute. So anyways, I am going to be blogging backwards in my attempt to catch up and share with you all, a few pictures captured during this time...

Way back in January 2012, the family went to Red Robin's in Tempe to celebrate with Sabriya's Cheer Team, their awesome cheer season. As always when we get together it is nothing short of a good time.

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