Spirit of Christmas

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2 weekends, 4 days, 6 shows and countless hours brought us to this...  Tempe Dance Academy's Christian Dance Company, featured their 24th annual Spirit of Christmas show over the past two weekends. More than two hours of elves, reindeer, toy soldiers and other seasonal characters were singing and dancing to lush backdrops of snowy villages and twinkly Christmas trees. Sabriya was 1 of about 100 performers who sing and dance in this annual production, most of them current and former students of Tempe Dance Academy. Here are a few pictures I was able to capture between costume changes and intermission hanging out with family.

Trey and Boston hanging out with us backstage...

Santa's Reindeer's

Lindsey & Sabriya not only dance together, they also go to school together and are both cheerleaders for their junior high school and have been friends since preschool.

Elves and Reindeers

She is learning how to apply makeup waaay to good...

Ms. Wanda holding Malaysia whom she can't wait to have as a future dancer.  She taught all of my girls and can't wait to have my grandbabies.

Waiting for the finale after one of the shows...

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