1 for Them & 2 for Me

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I bought myself an early Christmas present that I get to share and I don't mind one bit. I purchased 2 carseats, one's for Trey and one's for Boston but both are for me. It was getting a little bit crazy having to share 2 carseats whenever the boys come over... doing the car swap kind of looked like this - Shannon would bring the boys in her car and leave her car with me and take my car to wherever Mark 2 was and then leave my car there and take his truck so that I could have my car back whenever he would come to pick up the boys and he would have cars seats to take the boys home. Whew, my head is spinning just trying to write that out. LOL! Either we did all of that or me and the boys are just stuck at home, and we can't do that every time because we have places to go and people to see:)
So here's a peek at my early Christmas gift and look how adorable the boys fit in them, it is so worth it!

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