Friday, October 28, 2011

Sabriya had a week out of school, called FALL BREAK here in Arizona and since we weren't able to take any trips this past summer while we were waiting on Malaysia, we decided to take this opportunity to visit. Sabriya, Shamara, Ken, Malaysia, Santana and I headed to Louisiana to visit family and then Shamara, Ken & Malaysia took a few extra days and went to Dallas to visit his family.  While in Louisiana, we visisted my parents, brothers & sisters, aunts & uncles, cousins, nieces & nephews and on and on and on....  There is no place like HOME & FAMILY!  We had a great time wrapped in the arms of our families, home cooked meals, naps on the couch...  Each time I visit, I have to add up for my dad all of his grandkids and great grandkids my parents are now up to 32 grands and 23 great grands or something like that.  Each time I do this it always amazes me that from my 11 siblings those 32 grandkids come from only 5 of us.   I HOPE YOU ENJOY ALL THE FAMILY PICTURES!

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SABRIYA & MAURICE - 1st Cousins born on same day same year!

1st COUSINS - Tony & Ticardo

Chelynn, Jacob & Justin (twins), Maurice & Hannah (siblings), Shamara & Sabriya and Lucky (the dog)

Sabriya & Hannah - 1st Cousins (10mths apart)

Sabriya's 1st & 2nd cousins

2 of my 7 brothers - Josh & Gill

Sabriya, Victoria & Hannah

Landen & Sabriya (2nd Cousins)

Me & Maurice (my nephwe)

Reed Side of the Family from Lafayette, Louisiana

Uncle Jody & Aunt Marguerite enjoying their Great Great Niece Malaysia.  Marguerite's twin sister Margaret was Santana & Shamara's Grandmother - Margaret (MawMaw) Reed.

Heading to Dallas to visit Grandma & Grandpa Iwebema...

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