Saturday, June 11, 2011

This was our weekend with the boys, while Shannon took Mark 2 to San Francisco for his 27th Birthday.  Bri had a basketball tournament this weekend and so the boys tagged along with us.  It was so much fun having them for almost 2 full days.  THEY SPENT A NIGHT, and I loved every single precious moment... Since both Mesha & PaPa were assisting Coach Timmer, Trey got to go onto the court during the girls warm up times and at half time.  He even sat on the players bench with Auntie Mesha for a bit.  He LOVE IT!

This is  a picture of Trey's little feet in my purse, he thought it was the funniest thing to stick them in there.  He would stick them in then look up at me to see if I was watching and then he would just giggle.  Precious moments!

Nothin' But Net

Can you find Sabriya and Shamesha in this huddle?
If it wasn't for the clothes, would you be able to tell whose who?

Trey was having a BLAST at this basketball tournament,
he made all kinds of new friends and loved rough housing with them...

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