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Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm not quite sure what agenda they were going by for the day, but it wasn't mine... I left for maybe 30 minutes to go pick Sabriya up from school. When I left everybody was steady working and each had a task to continue - I won't say complete because that's just impossible when moving, but at least make some head way. Anyways, when I returned to the house this is the scene I found... they decided they all needed a break and they also needed to cool off. I even heard one of them say that the boys (Trey & Boston that is) just really wanted to try out the pool. Yeah right, I just wasn't there to supervise them  for the moment and they all quit working is more like it. After I got over my intial shock that nothing was accomplish in the last half hour, I quickly grab my camara. No it wasn't packed away in a box safely, I couldn't have that happen because then I would have missed all these great photos.

This is one of my favorties shots from today!

Ummmmm, I think MiMi will be buying some swimsuits on her next shopping excursion...

My baby girl, wasn't it just a little while ago she was a toddler like Trey above?

Poor little Diamond - Boston just wouldn't stop loving on her, Haha!

This little guy is DANGEROUS around the pool - NO FEAR at all, he just wants to get in...

Is he gonna make a really great DAD or what?


Shannon Smith said...

Those are hilarious!!! Yes I am sure it was all the boys idea for everyone to swim ha! I for sure have a extra suit for Boston we can leave at your house let me check on Treys!

Anna said...

Thanks Shannon! Did you see how I used the different angles that Jackie taught us???

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