Hollywood Nights

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sabriya was invited to a friends birthday party this past Saturday and the theme was Hollywood Nights. The attire for the evening was - Hollywood Style! Here are a few shots of Bri, all dolled up (thanks to big sister, Shamara) and not looking like a 12 year old AT ALL! I'm not sure who is worse right now between Sabriya and Trey in not wanting to take pictures, what's up with that? I am a PHOTOHOLIC (Is that a word & if so did I spell it right? and if it isn't then I just made it so.) and my therapy is to TAKE MORE PHOTOS! Somebody needs to explain this to both of them. Anyways, these are the few not so good shots that I was able to sneak in.

I snapped this one just as the birthday girl Brianna (middle) was walking up to greet Sabriya - not a great photo because of the little smirk (I think I caught her talking.) on her face but it shows the professional makeup job Shamara did on her face.

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