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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hanging w/the Crew from REPO Games (Spike TV)
The producers of "Jersey Shore" are launching a reality show about a topic that's attuned to tough times: repossessed cars.  Spike TV, which is part of MTV, is about to begin production of "Repo Games," a quiz show hosted by repo men and starring hapless car owners who fall behind on their payments, according to MTV spokesman David Schwarz.  But all is not lost. On this show, they'll have one last chance to save their cars. The dispossessed owner can earn their cars back, fully paid, if they correctly answer three out of five trivia questions.  "They're fun questions, seemingly easy questions, the stuff that the majority of people can answer," he said. "We're not trying to stump people with impossible questions."  For example, they might have to identify state capitals, said Schwarz. But if they don't get three questions right, it's off to the impound yard.  "It's a show with real stakes involved," he said.

"Repo Games" is actually hosted by real repo men who snatch cars for a living, not actors, said Schwarz.  The show won't just be about people who are too broke to make their car payments, he said. It will involve a cross-section of cars and people, including rich owners with luxury cars who space out on making payments.  "People who have had their car repossessed range from Paris Hilton to your average Joe," he said.  Schwarz said the show is currently in production and will air this spring.

NOW I KNOW YOU ARE ALL DYING TO KNOW HOW IN THE WORLD DID HONEY BEAR'S GET HOOKED UP WITH THIS REALITY TV SHOW...  Well nothing as exciting as getting any of the Honey Bear's vans repo (Yet, NOT! ~ Haha!) but the production crew stopped in last week to have lunch on a recommendation from a Honey Bear's Fan (Big SHOT OUT to that customer, we love you!) and started talking with Mark and Mark about the business and general stuff and then they asked if they could come back and shoot some scenes for one of their upcoming shows.  Like we were gonna say NO!  Now I have to mention here, that Shanel was also in the building when they first visited... and can you guess how it went down, she saw those big camera's and had to get the scoop on the crew. That's my girl, always that camera ready Princess!

I believe the show that includes the Honey Bear's scenes will air sometime in mid April so keep an eye out for us and holler back if you happen to catch it...

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ebonyblu said...

That is so exciting. I will definitely watch the show.

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