Our Disneyland Adventure

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This is it, our Disneyland Family Adventure Weekend finally arrived. We've been talking about and planning this family trip for quite sometime now. Not knowing how much longer Sabriya will continue to dance, she really wanted both of her parents, all of her siblings + and her nephews to come see her perform at Disneyland. Although her dancing was definitely the highlight of our trip, having the entire family together was awesome. Thirteen of us caravaned over in three vehicles; Shamesha flew over after her class on Friday; Sharonda (Santana & Shamara's Big Sister) meet up with us at the hotel; on Saturday, Reggie & Shamesha drove to Ontario and picked up 5 of his nieces who joined us for the day; finally some of Reggie's best buddies popped in to join the group for the remainder of Saturday. What a totally awesome group and what a blast we all had.

Between Shannon and I we took over 500 pictures, so this post is broken up between this and 3 other posts, so keep scrolling on down so that you don't miss any of the fun photos we took this past weekend.  I'm working on Sabriya's dance photos now and will post those shortly.  Thanks for dropping in and spending time with us.

This was our 2nd morning at Disney and our 1st Character Breakfast with Minnie & Friends on the Plaza. Trey is crying because just before the picture he fell down a couple of the steps we are standing on.  He didn't get hurt at all but it sure scared him a bit. A few of the family is missing - Shamesha & Reggie were driving over to Ontario to pickup their neices and Lorrie stayed behind at the hotel to let Boston sleep in a bit since he still wasn't feeling 100%.
I will forever treasure being able to share Trey and Boston's first Disneyland Adventure and look forward to many years filled with many more such trips.

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