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Monday, December 27, 2010

Shannon and Mark hosted our Christmas Eve Secret Santa Gift Exchange / Dessert this year. She made cupcakes and a heath cake - YUMMY! We've been doing a Secret Santa Gift Exchange for many years now and it is always alot of fun. But to make the moment of exchanging the gifts last a little longer, last year the kids decided to add a little something to spice up the moment. They came up with the idea of gag gifts describing the person they would be giving their gift to. It was FUN and we had a lot of laughs. This year we came up with a little rhyme describing each person, these were presented in the form of a gift tag attached to the gift and signed by various Christmas characters such as Santa or Rudolph or the Grinch (get the idea). The gifts were all placed in a neutral area, we each had to pick a gift that was not ours, and we took turns reading the rhyme and then we all had to guess/vote on 1) who we thought the gift was FOR and 2) who we thought the gift was FROM. It was unanimous, we will definitely be doing this again next year...

NOPE, I am not going to tell you WHO's WHO - you will have to guess just like we did. Have fun!
Hints and clues I will exclaim,
Guess who I am in this gift exchange...

Get up and go I never slow down,
So many activities the typical run around.
Video game systems a gamer I am
Either I’m on the computer or singing my jams
You blink and years pass but I remain innocent and sweet
But if you turn off my show it’s your butt Ill beat.
FROM: Mrs. Claus

Center of attention is where I like to be
Trips to the mall, to buy out Gucci.
A credit card I'll give but not to the clerk,
Cover your butt crack cause I’m always on the lurk.
Emotional I get when I am irritated
But it never gets me down cause I’m extremely motivated.
FROM: Santa Claus

365 days in a year as the seasons change
So does my career.
A man holds the key to enter my heart,
But I think he’s having relations with little Mark.
But I keep it calm never worry or bellow,
I take life a day at a time and stay very mellow.
FROM: Clarice (Rudolph's Girlfriend)

I don’t like to work and I don’t like to clean,
When I wear sandals, my feet cause a scene
Ditzy I am but my hair is not blonde
When the weekend hits I’m faded and gone.
I nurture and care because it’s my heart
Taking life easy, that’s how I start.
FROM: Yukon (Rudolph)

When I start to speak all my siblings listen,
If you think otherwise you must be trippen.
I work long shift’s which kinda gives me chills,
Gotta make this money, gotta pay these bills.
I’d do anything for my family at any or all costs
But when the cookie crumbles, we know that I’m the boss.
FROM: Sam the Snowman (Narrator of Rudolph)

I am really quite a jokester and I love to play around,
I love the white people in my life, you smith monkeys hold me down.
Gotta be home by dinner or I'll surely need some stitches,
Its hard out here for a pimp, when he got babies, bills, and ...
Families real important despite all the rest,
I’d do anything for my family; I love them all to death.
FROM: the Abominable Snowmonster

Designer things are what I like whether it’s Louis, Gucci, Fendi,
People always check me out cause I’m very very trendy.
Always doing something creative if I have the time,
Baking sinful delicious treats is my biggest crime.
I play a game of hide and seek and squeeze a toy until it squeaks,

I pull a wagon and sang a song I teach the children right from wrong.
FROM: Frosty

One of a kind, Trueys I rock
Fashionably late is what shows on my clock.
Happy with life it’s moving so fast,
The girl that I date eats doughnuts out the trash.
Caring and real are my tricks of the trade
I’ve been punking Big Mark since the 1st grade
FROM: Rudolph

Age is irrelevant you get what you see,
Always scheming and plotting you would think I was three.
I don’t do my homework that’s where boo comes in,
She works hard for my A’s while I watch ESPN.
I like the focus on me but don’t like the drama
I'll punch Big Mark in his stomach and then go “slap yo mamma”
FROM: Donner

Loudly I enter everywhere I go,
I’m not your ordinary average Joe.
Just a forewarning I'll let you know,
Touchin’ my treats is a no go!
My favorite color is the color green,
I feed my dog chicken and his skid marks are mean.
FROM: the Grinch

You’re patient when I’m foolish.
You give guidance when I ask.
It seems you can do most anything.
You’re the master of every task.
FROM: Charlie Brown

Your wisdom and knowledge have shown me the way,
I’m thankful for you as I live day to day.
I don’t tell you enough how important you are,
In my universe you’re a bright shining star.
FROM: Hermey (Misfit Elf from Rudolph)

Ahhhh okay, maybe I'll post the answers after I am all done with my Christmas posts, so stop back by to see...

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