Santa BABY!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This Christmas morning was one of those bitter sweet times... After going to bed late from all the Christmas Eve activities, then getting up during the wee hours of the morning (nothing usual there, haha) to assist Santa in his attempt to move around the house in the dark leaving goodies as he went (House Rule: IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE, YOU DON'T RECEIVE!) I went back to bed waiting to be woken up by either Sabriya or Shanel... but it was not to be. Mark & I finally awoke on our own around 7AM and my little grown people were all still sound asleep in their beds. And that's the bitter sweetness of the moment - when we as parents wake up on Christmas morning and the kids are still fast asleep - THEY ARE GROWING UP! (sniff sniff)

When they finally decided to arise and gather (although they didn't wake up early) the excitement of seeing what Santa left was definitely still there. SO it was time to OPEN PRESENTS, Yeah! and so we did...

Our Christmas Meal was even a bit different for us this year in the sense that we didn't have all of our friends and family over as we usually do because we were eating early and heading out to the football game immediately afterwards. Mark wasn't going to cook at all but I still wanted to have our holiday favorites so together we made the meal for the day. There were about 24 of us going to the game but only about half of that group stop by on their way to grab a bite to eat. Then off to the game we went...

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