Upper GI Scope

Thursday, September 30, 2010

This morning I had the Upper GI Scope done at Scottsdale Endoscopy Center by Dr. Daniel Meline. It was a busy day in the Lyfe as a Smith household so we had to do some juggling with rides. Mark took Bri to school and then had to get to a catering at APS Palo Verde, he wanted to have someone else do the catering but I wouldn't let him, this client and the way things need to be done is extremely important and they are use to the way Mark does it; Reggie drove me to the center for the procedure; Shanel went to school and then rushed over to be ready to drive me home when the procedure was done. I sent her this message before I was drugged:

Hey Nellie when you get here to pick me up you need to come inside and check in at the front desk because you are gonna have to sigh me out just like I had to do for you when you were in school - I think that's kinda funny! Oh and bring a jacket, it's cold in here. Mommy

As I was getting prep for the procedure, I was looking around the office at all the shades of purple and it made me think about Santana and so I sent her this message: > Click Here <

So while I was waiting to be taken back, I passed the time playing on my iPad, texting and facebooking the kids, etc. and the last things I remembered are: they walked me back to the surgery room; told me to lay on my left side; the nurse put the medicine in my IV; the doctor said I'll be right over to talk to you.... and just like that A BLOCK OF TIME is missing from your memory...

My first memories after the procedure are: seeing Shanel, walking briefly to the car and then getting in the bed at home. But I can't tell you anything thing yet, since they sent me home and I was still drugged up most of the day and dosing in and out of sleep. So I'm assuming that Tuesday (since Monday is a holiday) that the doctors office will call to give me a better idea of what was revealed. Until then I have the patient instructions they sent home with me that tells me what they did  and what I'm suppose to do for the next week, so I'll share that:

During the procedure we found the following:
  • A direct laryngoscopy was performed. The uvula, epiglottis, vocal cords, valeculae, corniculate & arytenoid cartilages were symmetrical & non-inflammed. No lesions were noted.
  • Biopsies were obtained from the fundus to assess for Pernicious Anemia. (biopsy)
  • Biopsies were obtained from normal appearing antrum to rule out Helicobacter pylori.
  • Multiple cold forceps biopsies were obtained from normal appearing duodenal mucosa to rule out Giardia, Celiac disease, or microscopic Crohn's disease. (biopsy)
  • Otherwise normal EGD to jejunum
The doctor told Shanel that they took blood/tissue samples and submitted them for analysis and that we would go over the test results when I visit him next week.  As I mentioned before, I dosed in and out all day and felt a little nauseated at first. My throat was a little hoarse but not as sore as I thought it would be.

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