Saturday, August 7, 2010

I've spent the last several days since LAST Saturday, cleaning, throwing things out, making give away piles and moving things around in my office in an effort to make room so that I could move 75 percent of my scrapbook room into the office combining the two rooms into a office/scrapbook room. There are at least a couple of good reasons why (which I'll talk about in a minute) I am doing this and so I have had to remind myself what those are many times since getting started...

This is a picture of my scrapbook room back when we first moved into the house and so it doesn't do justice to what the completed room looked like up until this past Monday. However it's the only one I could find soooo I'll try to be a little descriptive...
Up against the window wall, I had stacked 2 high under the window and 3-4 high beside the window these scrapbooking paper storage cubes. If you are a scrapbooker/crafter then your imagination will fill in all the wonderful things that filled those cubes. It was total organization! I LOVED MY ROOM!!! 

On the green wall where the credenza sits (it's still there for now) it held my Touch Smart PC, Circut, Slice and a few other items. There is a TV on the wall just to the right of the credenza AND on the wall to the left of the window WAS THIS! I called this my "Wall of Inspiration" just a random collection of signs, symbols, sayings and other stuff that I just liked and put together to create this space. I loved looking at it whenever I was able to sit and scrap in my scrapbook room, it would inspire me to create some great pages...

Below is a part of the wall with these really BIG letters that spelled out S C R A P I N and then a quick peek into my TO DIE for closet that could literally hold a set of twin size bunk beds. The closet/mini room is filled from floor to ceiling with???  Yes you GUESSED IT! Scrapbook STUFF!  Or it was but we'll come back to that later.

Now back to the real reason for this post, the following 2 pictures are of my office BEFORE and AFTER. There is not much variation but if you look closely you can now see the addition of another computer, my Circut and even the Slice. OH! and my window coverings are UP (another story, another day)!

And a couple more BEFORE and AFTER photos of the corner in my office which BEFORE only held my tree and Diamond Girl's (our Yorkie puppy) bed and now ABRACADABRA! some of my scrapbook cubes holding some of my scrapbook GOODIES!

And this snap shot is a look into another of my fabulous "to die for closets" which now also holds more of my scrapbook goodies sharing space with my office necessaties since this closet is in my office. So since I've mentioned about my closets twice now I feel as if I owe you a little inside tip. When the house was designed one of my design requests was for BIG SLEEP IN (walk-in) size closets in every room (ENOUGH SAID Right?).

OK, now that all the pictures have been shown I'll get back to the reasons for doing all this. 1) There are many mornings I wake up and there are a few extra bodies sleeping AROUND the house. Just this week I counted one on my family room couch and one on Sabriya's bedroom floor. 2) With Santana living out of town, when she comes home she doesn't have a permanent bedroom so she shares with her sisters. 3) Shamara lives half at our house, meaning half of her stuff somehow finds a place to live here (that's what's now occupying the other 1/2 of my scrapbook closet)... and 4) I just can't seem to find enough hours to make it to my scrapbook room to scrap SO I thought that by combining my office into an office/scrapbook room and my scrapbook room into a craft/guest bedroom I could solve all of these issues. So there you go problem solved orrrrr half solved, NOW all I have to do is work less and SCRAP MORE!  I'm really thinking that I should be able to roll on over to the other side of my desk and sneak in a little more scraping time while still being near the phones and my work computer to do what needs to be done. WELL at least thats the plan.... and then of course to talk my ever loving husband into the purchase of a Murphy Bed for the craft/guest room....  You know what that is right - a bed in a wall or a hide a bed where you hide the bed in plain sight and you still have use of your room for other things. GENIUS!

And SO that's how here at Lyfe as a Smith we ended up having a 3 day garage sale, because as everyone knows when you start moving things around you are certain to find things that you haven't used or don't need anymore and then one thing leads to another and before you know it you have piles and piles of STUFF and in the midst of all that other people living in the house with you catches the fever and they start adding their stuff to those piles and somehow somebody talked us into having a GARAGE SALE and then after 2 full days of sitting in a hot, humid garage with these folks you live with and still 1 more day to go you get talked into doing something stupid LIKE THIS:


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