Sunday, August 8, 2010

Okay I AM SO DONE with this garage sale… this is the 3rd and final day & as if we didn’t have enough excitement around here with the video yesterday we gotta have this vistor. We are sitting in the garage, door up, 2 customers shopping & 2 customers walking up when the guy inside w/his girlfriend says, “Ok I think we have a problem !  I’m thinking he’s getting ready to say our prices are too high - not possible since 95 percent of EVERYTHING is only $1.00 - OR that his girlfriend is taking too long shopping & it’s way too hot to be standing in someone’s garage… but instead he says, “Nobody panic but there’s a snake.” At the exact moment he says those words I hear the rattler; the mail I was sorting thru went flying in the air when I jumped up and ran into the house… I am just soooo thankful that nobody has a video camera on me at these moments, ENOUGH said!

Well at least what I was thinking was better than what Shanel thought the guy was getting ready to say.  She thought that when he said "nobody panic" that he was getting ready to rob us... Hahaha!

This one was a Sidewinder - the exact same one but much bigger than the last Sidewinder that was in our front courtyard back in May - you can see that story by CLICKING HERE!

OH! and all this was right after & just before I went down into the garage to sit with Marcus & Shanel, when I picked up my purse off the floor in the office a LIVE Scorpion was UNDER it... YIKES!

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