Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sometimes I think I miss sleeping late

then I realize I'd rather be up at the crack of dawn, spending some quite time with my Father and soaking in the "ME" time...

Sometimes I think I miss being a size zero

then I realized that having my babies changed my body and that I will never look like that again. And I'm fine with that; I take care of myself, make healthy choices, and don't compare myself any more.

Sometimes I miss going out for the night at ten p.m.

then I realize I'd much rather be in bed with a good book or my ipad. I always was a homebody at heart.

Sometimes I miss dropping everything at a second's notice and heading off.

then I realize that driving my youngest around is about the extent of it these days, and I'm fine with that. Sometimes that seems like adventure enough for me. :)

Sometimes I miss having a social life.

then I think about my social life: balancing my time as a wife, mother, grandmother; having raised my six children to be kind, good people; now enjoying the wonders of grandparenthood. And I'll take that over cocktails and chit chat any day of the week.

Sometimes I can't believe I'm forty six (today), because I still feel twenty six in my heart.

then I realize that I'm content. Happy with who I am now, not trying on who I want to be like a new outfit... Not worrying about what the future will hold, not wondering what I want to do. I'm at home in my body with the life God has given me.

Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror with the family noise in the background, I'm counting to five and wondering if I'm any good at this wife/mommy thing.

then I realize that this is where I'm meant to be. This is where I've been heading my entire life. This is my calling.

And that, blows the old times out of the water.
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