Removal of the Bee Hive

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The bee hive has been removed... and it was a BIG one. Remember William from Fogging of the Bees, well he did the honors today of cutting through the ceiling to expose the hive and wow he could not have found a more perfect spot to cut. When he removed the piece of the ceiling, there sat the hive right smack in the middle of the spot he cut and perfectly preserved (the hive that is).

Here is William holding the piece of the ceiling with all the dead bees on it, they were starting to smell...YUCK!

So here it is the BIG picture, William said that this size hive could house 50-60 thousand bees and that if we didn't remove it they would definitely try to move in again. So out it goes! He couldn't remove the whole thing at once because he said that it was very brittle and sticky too. He took a big chuck off and put it in a plastic baggie for Mark to keep as a souvenir (WHY?).  I did touch/feel a piece of it, it feels just like a luffa (loofah) sponge and it really was sticky from all the honey the bees made. Someone in my family (but I won't name any names) wanted to have some of the honey for eatable reasons. William squashed that idea by reminding them that the hive was sprayed with poison when he fogged it.  He also told us that we needed to wash our hands really well because of all the poison.
So William and Chris (gonna take care of repairing the ceiling) worked together to get this thing out and now they are putting my room back together. And so I just have to give them a shout out one more time for doing such an awesome job the first time around.... So if you ever have a bee problem and you are in need of a bee guy don't forget to call Bee Be Gone, I think you will be very happy with their service.

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