Going, Going, Gone - SOLD

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My car is gone, sold today to the highest bidder at Metro Auto Auction and I didn't even get to have a proper good-bye. Although I knew this was going to happen, I didn't know just how quickly. Mark took my car yesterday to get it detailed in preparation to sell her. He never said that he wasn't bringing her back home, instead she went from the detailer straight to the auction house last night to be displayed with their high class vehicles on the show room floor for todays auction. They had better not put her anywhere else, she's always been a very high class girl! So much elegance and style, we fit perfectly together.

Well she definitely didn't last long, I got a text (A text!) telling me that she had sold for $$$. I LOVE that car and I am going to miss her a bunch, she's been good to me and she was FAST! I hope whoever the new owners are, that they will appreciate her as much as I did...  It's going to be kinda hard to get use to another car since this one has set the bar so high, and I would have gladly traded her in for a newer model which they tell me is even faster but Land Rover Scottsdale closed their dealership in South Scottsdale about a year ago and so whenever I had to take her in for service, I had go to Land Rover North Scottsdale a 45 minutes to an hour long drive up to 101 and Scottsdale Road.  Well anyways, she's gone now and and it makes me feel kinda sad and I guest I'll be feeling that way until I get that high from the smell of a "new car."

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