Fogging of the Bees

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Remember back on Father's Day when we returned home from our Iowa trip, there was a swarm of bees trying to build a nest in our front courtyard... See the post here: The Bee's Nest!

Well although Mark sprayed them that day and most of them died, they never completely went away. There have been some hovering around out there in that same spot and they keep getting into the house. Although I've been telling Mark that we need to call in the professionals he just kept insisting that he would go out and spray again. Well yesterday "enough was enough"  Lisa (our hair braider) was over and was working on Sabriya's braids and at some point they come running out of the teen room yelling and I meet them half way from my office not knowing what was happening until they started to explain that ALOT of bees had gotten into the house. So I go into the teen room to see what was going on and sure enough there were about 30+ bees swarming around the glass door and in the window seals, so I started killing them with a flip flop but it seemed that for every one bee I killed 3 more would appear.

This entire time (since Father's Day) we have not been able to figure out how they were getting into the house but the kids could hear them above the teen room when they are hanging out in there so we kind of knew that they were possibly in the attic and coming thru the vents into the house from there. So since my effort in killing them only seemed to make them multiple, I called Mark to update him on the lastest Bee report and of course he says, I'll be right there, I'm going to go up into the attic and spray. Oh NO! it was time for mama to take over this job and get it taken care of for good.

So I called our regular pest control company whose been taking care of our homes and businesses for quite some time now Stormin' Norman and they referred me to Bee Be Gone whom I called immediately.  Chandler was my guy on the phone to whom I explained my situation and without any hestitation he told me two things that he would have someone out within the hour and not to allow Mark to go into the attic. Now does that sound like a very serious situation or what? Well it was... the bee guy William arrives and scopes out the place and within minutes he tells us that he's going to get suited up.
Once properly prepared to deal with the bees and having scolded Mark on never attempting to EVER do this himself, he climbs into the attic and lowers the door, his goal is to find the hive which he strongly feels will be somewhere in the attic and................. IT IS!  Notice I said "it is" because it's still there. I believe he did something called "fogging" to kill the bees and it worked, killing he estimated 40,000+ bees within minutes of doing the procedure. Now why did I say "it is" because he has to come back on Monday or Tuesday to remove the hive by cutting into the ceiling of the teen room in order to get it out. Can you say more $$$$$? And do you think that maybe, just maybe had we called in the professionals say like 4 weeks ago that possibly the hive wouldn't have grown to the size that now requires part of our ceiling to be cut out???  I'M JUST SAYIN'

Stay tuned for the next edition of "The Bee's Nest" - The Removal of the Hive!

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