Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday Shamesha, Precious Daughter! I celebrate this day with great joy as I remember the day, the hour, the moment I first met you... I will never forget! I thought then as I still do now that you must be from Heaven... the way you smile; the way you love; you are the melody I'm singing and I thank my Father for trusting me with one of His most precious gifts, Love Mommy!

Shamesha, yesterday daddy bought some really cute butterfly and flower cookies, not only were they cute but they were DELICIOUS!  I tasted just a little piece and left the rest thinking that Nellie & Bri would finish them off quickly.  However, this morning when I went into the kitchen, there sitting on the counter was 2 of the cookies.  Bri told me that the butterfly one was for her and the flower was for Nel.  So I packed Bri's butterfly for her to take with her lunch, but knowing Nellie wouldn't mind, I snapped off one of the flower petals and ate it with every intention of leaving the rest for her.  But as I kept coming in and out of the kitchen doing the morning routine, my eye just kept searching out that darn little cookie.  Finally, I called Nellie and told her that since her and daddy were going to stop by the bakery today to pick up your birthday cake that she could just get herself another cookie.  Nellie then told me that she had left that cookie for you, I paused for a moment and then replied well since one petal was already gone it didn't make much sense to leave a broken cookie for you, so I ATE IT!  Sorry Mesha, I know it's your birthday and all...

We celebrated Mesha's 21st birthday here at the house, which is turning out to be one of our favorite places to hangout... And since we have a master chef and a master chef in the making not to mention several Wanna B's, why not take advantage of that great blessing. We grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken breast, french fries, corn-on-cob, homemade ice cream, strawberry filled vanilla cake.

Below is all of Mesha's birthday cards, since it was her 21st birthday and she was going to Vegas for the weekend, we each put 21 one's in each of the cards so she could take them to Vegas and play the slots... Good Luck Mesha! Watch Out Vegas!

There is a woman I would miss even more. Happy Birthday - Love Mommy!
< < < < <
Cause I stole it. Happy Birthday! (This is 1 of those talking cards so when you open it, it very LOUDLY says "Please return all merchandise to the nearest cash register." "Hey you get back here with that card") - Love Shamara > > > > >

Happy Birthday, Rembrandt. Shamesha, We love you so much & wish we could of come to Vegas! - Love Mark, Shannon & Boys
< < < < <
Say good-bye to fake IDS! Happy Birthday - Love Daddy Mark > > > > >

1. Everything. (Gee, that was easier than I thought.) - R Sheffield 2010 Love You
< < < < <
Lucky! Have a Great Birthday - Happy 21st Birthday You look like me that means you're lucky, don't get drunk in Vegas. I will miss you! Love B > > > > >

you could almost be Me! Happy Birthday! - Happy 21st Birthday! Girl you so grown! Love Shanel Happy Birthday Boo! - Love Marcus!
< < < < <
H A I R Y B U T T O C K S ! Nice try. Happy Birthday - Love Ken > > > > >

Younger days and happy times and old familiar spots...I think you'd be surprised how much you're often in my thoughts. I still remember knowing you were everything I'd want in a sister, co-conspirator, and trusted confidante. And though our lives have taken paths we could not have arranged. Still, when it comes to trust and love, I know that nothing's changed. The bond that's shared between us stays as strong as it could be. You'll always be my sister, and that means the world to me. Happy Birthday - Tana

There's no way I can ever thank you or repay you for even one beautiful minute, but there's one thing I can do...I can love you forever, and I know I will, because something inside just lets me know our love story has no end. - R Sheffield 2010 Love You > > > > >

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