Sunday, March 28, 2010

Well almost a week later we were finally able to gather the family to take Mark out for his birthday lunch. He had said quite sometime ago that he wanted to go to Pappadeaux's and so after church today we met at Honey Bear's and then was able to combine the group into only 3 vehicles to make the drive across town. As always being together is a BLAST, never a dull moment. Tana of course wasn't with us and so our family events are never quite complete. WE MISS YOU BABY! Joining us today as our special guests were Trent & Ava, Marcus' little brother and sister who were quite entertaining on the ride over. The conversation in the car was mostly between Big Mark and Ava, because he loves to pick on the kids. So they were having this discussion back and forth, back and forth and then all of a sudden she doesn't respond to something he said and so he asked her, "Are you not my friend anymore?" and she says, "I was until you ask me for $2.00." TO CUTE! Marcus we miss you too, so hurry and come home! Of course we have to end this event with Reggie starting a food fight by throwing a strawberry at me, ME of all people! So I take a piece of bread and throw it back at him at the exact moment our waitress leans in to grab something off of the table and the bread hits her in the face, OMG! it is definitely time to head home...

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