Ken - Winner of the 2009 Ed Block Courage Award

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Ed Block Courage Award Foundation throughout the past has placed an emphasis on the "Five C's" - courage, compassion, commitment, community, character - and the National Football League. Ed Block described character as an attribute of mind, blind faith without doubt, confidence, fearlessness and bravery, triumphant overall. The Courage Award recipients are selected by their peers and they symbolize the elements of the "Five C's." By his selection, Ken has become a Courage House crusader...

Kenny Iwebewa is the Arizona Cardinals winner of the 2009 Ed Block Courage Award. Iwebema was ready to start the first day of the Cardinals' 2009 mini-camp just like every other player on the Cardinals roster, but he was pulled from the team's stretch lines that first day at practice with news that his chest x-ray from his physical taken the day before had revealed some sort of mass close to his heart.Further testing revealed a mediastinal germ cell tumor located between his heart and chest wall. Comparison x-rays revealed that this tumor had grown from nothing to a mass the size of a golf ball in just one year. It had to be removed. Iwebema faced the fear of losing his season and career to invasive surgery, but because of his outstanding physical condition doctors were able to use a new technique in robotics to remove the mass. The large mass was removed on May 18th, 2009. Iwebema returned to physical activity an amazing three weeks after the procedure, and was back on the practice field after only eight weeks. Iwebema's return to football activity reflects the courage, dedication, and discipline of an Ed Block Courage Award recipient.


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