4 Year Old Wanders Away

Monday, March 29, 2010

On my way to take Sabriya to school this morning, as we are coming out of our neighborhood we see lots of police vehicles, news vans, and some regular citizens. Very obviously something is going on. As always the car radio is tuned into KTAR and just before we arrive at school, they are talking about a little girl who was found on the corner of 40th Street and Baseline. I'm intently listening to the story and hadn't put two and two together yet but Sabriya was right on it. She says, "Mom didn't you hear what they just said?" I responded, "Yes, and I'm trying to hear the rest of the story." She says, "Mom, that's what is happening by our house and that was the little girl we saw the woman holding." I'm like WOW, you are right. Sabriya is as smart as whip and doesn't miss a thing.

HERE'S THE STORY FROM KTAR: A 4-year-old girl was found safe after wandering away from her baby sitter's home in southeast Phoenix Monday morning.
Police first believed the girl might have been abandoned, but later determined her mother had left her at the baby sitter's home in the area of 41st Street and Baseline.
A Good Samaritan, Marva Schrock, was going to work when she found the little girl on the street and notified police.
"No tears, no worries, no nothing," said Schrock. "She just said, `I'm going after my mom because I want to be back with my mom.' She said she didn't want to be with the baby sitter."
Detective James Holmes said, "Fortunately, officers were able to actually go around and find where the child was supposed to be."
He said the girl's mom had left the child at the baby sitter's while she went to class.

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