In Honor of the Super Bowl

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Although we have been season tickets holders for the Arizona Cardinals for years, my interest in football was pretty much non-existent, until about a year ago... Our daughter became friends with one of the Cardinal players and as we got to know him better, I began to find myself glancing at the television on game days to see if I would spot him on the field. The next thing I knew, I was the one making sure that the television was on the right channel on games days. Then of course the Cardinals took their 08-09 season all the way to the Super Bowl and by then I was pretty much hooked. So to be a new fan of football, specifically the Cardinals and then to have them lose in the Super Bowl was simply heart breaking. The 09-10 season began and I don’t think that I’ve missed one of the Cardinals games but still had not attended any until January 3rd, 2010 when the Cardinals played against Greenbay. Wow, what had I been waiting for? I enjoyed being at a live game so much and decided then and there that I would be attending every game possible. Sorry to all of our family and friends whose been getting our tickets over the years, but I will be using them from here on out. As I watched the games, I started asking questions...a LOT of questions. Despite all the questions, each one was answered patiently. That’s when I started to develop an real interest in the game. As my football knowledge grows, I am learning more about the rules and the penalties that affected the flow and the outcome of the game. Sometimes I can even find the action that caused a penalty, and can even predict the yardage gained or lost by a team.
The next game I was able to attend was actually an out of town game and I traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana with my two older daughters to support the Cardinals in their effort against the New Orleans Saints. It was kind of a bittersweet time! The Cardinals loss unfortunately, but how could I be 100% disappointed at the Saints win since my hometown is Louisiana. To think that a year ago I was watching the Arizona Cardinals play in the Super Bowl and this year the New Orleans Saints. Who would of imagine that I’d be watching the Super Bowl 2 years in a row and have become very passionate about the game. Thanks to my limited understanding of football, I am now able to yell at the ref for a bad call and cheer for my team. GEAUX SAINTS!

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