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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We are a BBM Family! We all have some version of a Blackberry phone, and there are plenty to choose from. Each Blackberry has a separate PIN number and with this pin we are able to send messages via the Blackberry Messenger system making communication possible between two or more Blackberry devices in a single session.

For a family like ours who’s always on-the-go, instant messaging is the only way. IM gives us the ability to have almost instant conversations without having to use the phone or email. It is a very handy form of communication for asking a quick question, making plans for a family event, even sharing stories and pictures—all in real-time and we can even express ourselves and stay in touch in our own special way and boy do we do that…

We have these chats at random times, even when we are all sitting together at the dinner table. It is chaotic, fun. Sometimes it feels as if you are in a room full of people and everyone’s talking but nobody’s listening.

It is hard to keep up with the conversation at times, because there are so many participants and the conversation is flowing so quickly. If you are brave enough to try to type something in you better be a fast because you will lose track of the conversation very quickly.

You can see everybody’s personality in the conversations: there is enthusiasm, seriousness, sarcasm… our family is one of a kind. But all said, we do have a lot of fun IM ing one another.

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