Emergency Room

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I wasn't able to sleep last night, I tossed and turned for hours because my right leg was in extreme pain. I couldn't move it in any direction without causing the pain to shoot throughout my entire body. I finally decided to get out of bed around 4:30AM only to find out that wasn't such an easy task, I did make it but not far. Aftering placing both feet on the floor I quickly found out that I wasn't able to put ANY pressure on my right leg. I wasn't able to move, I just leaned against the wall for about 20 minutes taking deep breaths trying not to pass out. Since I couldn't climb back up on my bed (it's very high & I couldn't bend my leg) I hobbled over to the chase lounge and laid on my side and tried to stretch my leg but the pain was just too much. While lying there my thoughts were that I was somehow going to make it to the bathroom, take a shower, get dressed and drive to the emergency room. It probably took me about an hour or more to accomplish that list but I did it; made it to the car and drove straight to the hospital but it wasn't easy.

I arrive at the emergency room just before 6:00AM, and they could see that I wasn't doing very well. They had me sit while they completed my paper work, they had me back into a room within minutes. After examining me as best she could the doctor gave me a shot for pain, but it took about an hour to start working and didn't completely take the pain away. They did xrays and a CT scan but neither showed any problems so the next step was to do an MRI but not until Monday. After a few hours the doctor decided to give me some stronger drugs via another shot and some prescriptions to take home to get me through the weekend.

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