DAY 4 ~ Tana's Move

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I missed having her in church today, which wasn't so bad in itself since some Sunday's she wouldn't be sitting in the row with us if she was on nursery duty. The hard moment was thinking that she wouldn't be in church with us for alot more Sunday's to come...

She is suppose to do her 1st drive from Beaumont to Lake Charles to take Tweetie & Aisha home and I'm okay with that because she won't be alone in the car. Now the return trip puts me a little on edge and I'm hoping she'll do it before dark, I hate to think of her especially for the 1st time making that drive at night.

Well it's 5:30pm here and it's 7:30pm there and she's just leaving Beaumont for the drive to Lake Charles which means she will be returning after dark. I'll be anxiously awaiting that call to tell me she's back in the house with the doors locked...

Thank you Lord, she just called me back to tell me that she is going to spend the night with Nannie (my oldest sister), she is being sensitive to my feelings and for that I am deeply gracious.
She safe at my sister's house, the drive went well...

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