DAY 11 ~ Tana's Move

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today I go back home to Arizona, and I leave her here in Texas. I can't see her to say good-bye, it's just to hard and I will make her to upset. I can't control the emotions no matter how hard I try. I know she'll be fine but my heart just doesn't like the separation. I send her a text to let her know that I'm at the airport getting ready to board the plane but I won't make the call, I can't make that call...

Once I'm on the plane and it begins to taxi I want to scream "STOP" let me off, and I want to run and grab her and bring her back home with me. But I don't, I sit and look out the window and I cry, and cry, and cry...

When I get to Houston, I make the call but the tears are in my voice and she knows it. She tells me to please don't call her crying because I'll make her cry. I knew this, I know this, but I had to try. We hang up and I tell her that I'll send a text when I'm land in Phoenix.

@ 8:00PM she calls to say goodnight because tomorrows a big day, she begins orientation for the new job and she has to get up at 5AM. I can sense the excitement in her voice and I like that. She'll do well, I know it.

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