I've Been TAGGED...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I have been TAGGED by Neisha author of Confessions of a Blogaholic.

Mention the person who nominated you.
List 6 Unimportant things that make you happy.
Tag 6 blogs, state the rules, and notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.

Here is my list:

1. Green lights all the way home, especially after a long work day followed by an afternoon full of kids activities. It makes me feel as if God is watching out for me because He knows that I'm just too tired to stop for a red one.

2. The house being clean & tidy. This makes me happy because a clean & tidy environment is less stressful than the opposite of this.

3. SHOPPING. It doesn't really matter for what (clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, something for the home) I'm not picky. It just feels good TO BUY things...

4. ME Time!!! With a life style as busy as mine any time I can find some quite time it is just a breath of fresh air or like a big EXHALE moment.

5. Going to a movie, having a bag of popcorn & some chocolate covered raisens...ALONE because then I don't have to share my popcorn (Me Time Moment).

6. Road Trips. What a relaxing time to be on the road heading somewhere with a captured audience, talk about some quality time.

Thanks Neisha, this was kinda fun so here it goes, (drum roll please) my 6 are:

My Everyday Life by Santana
the Smith Family by Shannon
My Random Thoughts by Colleen
4 Webbs by Bronson
the Young Family by Princess
the Tarr Family by John


Colleen said...

oooh this is so scary to think about but good info,thanks!

Neisha said...

Love your list, thanks for playing along. And those pictures...scary. Were they taken at your house? I hate snakes.

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