Uniquely Designed to be Mom

Sunday, May 10, 2009

God has uniquely designed women to be mothers, and the greatest way a mother can love her children is to love their father. The Bible teaches that God has created a woman with an innate and special ability to nurture and care for her family.

Therefore, mothers are the primary people whom God designed to love, nurture, and mentor children. Without question, this is one of the reasons why God so often insists that children are to honor their mothers. So Leviticus 19:3 declares, “Every one of you shall revere his mother.”

We believe these crucial responsibilities of nurturing and caring for children should be met before a mother contemplates any other duties. This is more difficult today than it was a few decades ago, of course, because our culture has seriously devalued the role of a mother by placing greater significance on activities outside the home than on those inside the home.

Nevertheless, we ought to elevate motherhood to its rightfully high place by pointing out its exalted value in God’s economy of the family. In our culture we ought to encourage mothers to model love for God and His Word, to love their husband, and to love their children. It’s what they were designed for.

Happy Mother's Day 2009

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