Trey's New Highchair & His Visit w/the Puppies

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trey's new highchair came in this past week, it was ordered almost 6 weeks ago. MiMi didn't think that any of the highchairs that you can find in the stores would match her home decor and she wanted something that was "Old School" so here's Trey breakin' it in...

He was just sittin' at the door watchin' the puppies, so content. Then he rolled over on his stomach and pushed up on all fours, but he wouldn't crawl for us, not yet anyways but I think he is really close. Today was also his 8th month birthday. No bias here, but he has got to be the cutest grandchild in the world. . . Just when you think you couldn't possibly love him anymore than you do already. . . well do I have to say anymore! He is truly an angel given to us by God.

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