The Range Rover Damaged

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We had a little bit of excitement this afternoon... After picking up Sabriya from school, we were rear ended on the freeway.
Thank God, there were no serious injuries although we are all a little bit sore after being slam by a vehicle that was going approx. 65 mph while we were at a complete stop.

Sabriya was pretty shaken up. I think that she was more shocked by the surprise of the impact than anything else, but the EMT's checked all her vitals and she was good.
They offered to transport her to the hospital but we needed to get back on the road to Tucson for Shane's 1st basketball game of the season against Pusch Ridge (See Shanel's page for pics from the game.)

The EMT's and all the police officers were very kind and helpful and of course you know Mark had them all laughing before this was all over.
Mark was the driver (Thank you, Lord) not my fault... I was the front seat passenger with Santana & Sabriya in the back seat.

I have to say that the force of the impact was very powerful and that the damage you can see from the pictures is nothing compare to what I was imaging before I got out to take a look.

This is one very solid vehicle and we were able to drive it home, but the other car was a total lost.

The driver as well as the passenger in the other vehicle both had suspended driver licenses, their insurance was expired and they had just gotton their car out of impound... but once again, we are very grateful that no one was seriously injured.

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